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Astrology and Tantra is related with each other so if any one want to complete remedy from his or her problem then Sri. Brahmanand solve the problem using Astrology and Tantra.  


Lord Sudarshana is the weapon of lord Vishnu. This fact is known to everybody. But we have to understand that all weapon, ornaments, cloths, flowers of god are also god. The full body of god is “Chinmaya”. Our body is “Mrinmaya”. We are made of pancha tattwa earth, water, fire, wind and sky. “Mitti ka bana sharir” – we are a type of clay figure but god is not that. He is chinmaya and everything connected to him is chinmaya. So the Sudarshana Chakra is not an weapon only but a god himself. Lord Surdashana has three forms for three types of use. Lord Sudarshana became four handed “Soumya” murti for creation. He became eight handed form for “Sustenance” (Sthiti) and he became very “Ugram” dangerous sixteen handed form with fiery hairs and long fangs for annihilation (Dhwansha or Paralaya) Lord Sudarshana can give you all around protection in your life. Any black magic done against you by any means could be stopped and destroyed by Sudarshana Havana and puja. He can bring health, wealth and protection and as a vishnu tattwa he can give you liberation (moksha) from bondages of material world. Sudarshana homa is able to give you direct material benefit as well as spiritual benefit.


Rahu and Ketu are shadow only. They don’t have any physical existence. But in present day due to effect of Kali Maharaj these shadow planets are becoming more powerful. Out of many combination and placements of Rahu and Ketu in natives horoscope if all planets are within Rahu-Ketu and continuous five houses are empty then Kalasarpa Yoga is formed. Kalsarpa Yoga can be primarily divided into two types. a. Savya Kalsarpa – When all seven planets are moving towards Ketu. As Rahu is considered as Head of the Serpent so here this combination is considered as all seven planets are swallowed by Rahu and moving towards tail. b. Apasavya Kalsarpa- When all seven planets are moving towards Rahu. Just opposite of Savya Kalsarpa. According to the placement of Rahu in your horoscope there are 12 (twelve) types of Kalsarpa Yoga. They are Ananta, Kulika, Vasuki, Shankhapala, Padma, Mahapadma, Takshaka, Karakata etc. Nivaran or parihara of these Yoga is needed sometime in your life. If you are going through a tough time and do have kalsarpa yoga in your horoscope then you need it. Different Acharyas do this Parihara puja in different way. We do this puja according to ancient texts. Bhagavan Rudra puja and abhisheka with puja of Rahu and Ketu along with particular serpent or sarpa is done. There are some secrate procedures which will give you intense benefit. We have expertise in this puja.


In tantric philosophy the supreme god is considered as mother. This is an unique concept among all religious school both Hindu and Non-Hindu. Agama or Tantra shastra portraited the God as mother. She is supreme of all Gods and Goddeses. This supreme mother is Parashakti who appears in different forms to different sadhakas according to their nature of soul and need. Somewhere she is Mahakali and somewhere Maha-Lakshmi. She is creator and she is destroyer. In Agama main ten forms among innumerable forms of Parashakti is considered as ten Maha Vidya or Dasha Maha Vidya. According to Mundamalini Tantra they are Kali, Tara, Shosashi, Bhuvaneshwari, Bhairavi, Chinnamastika, Dhumavati, Bagalamukhi, Matangi and Kamalatmika or Maha Lakshmi. These ten supreme forms of Parashakti can do anything if pleased. We do worship them according to our nature of problem. According to some scripts nine planets are also associated with these Mahavidyas. “Divakarasya Matangi Chandrasya Bhuvaneshwari. Kujasya Bagaladevi Budhasya Purasundari. Tara Brihaspateschaiva Shukrasya Kamalatmika. Shanischa Dakshinakali Grahanam Istadevata Chinnamasta Tatha Raho Ketordhumavati Tatha” So if we find typical problem in your horoscope related to planets we can get benefit from Mahavidya puja and Havana. In kaliyuga all mahavidya puja will give result only if we do the worship in pure tantric manner. So apart from normal priests these puja will be performed by pure Kula tantric. No black magic is involved here in this puja. Pure bhakti and proper way of worship can only generate positive result.


We all have some malefic planets in our horoscope. In ancient system of astrology Shani, Rahu, Ketu were always considered as malefic planets. But in modern astrology nowadays for a specific person some planets are considered as malefic and some benefic. Irrespective of Shani or Guru any planet may become benefic or malefic. Malefic planet could be determined by critical analysis of your horoscope by a specialized and experienced astrologer only. After determining the malefic planet from your chart Shanti puja is performed according to ancient texts. Graha puja with specific coloured flower, Naivedyam with specific type of food and fruit, Havana with specific wood, jaap or recitation of Graha Mantra, Donation of specific goods for planets and at last feeding of Brahmin and specific type of people can please a planet. If a planet is pleased by Graha Shanti Puja then malefic planet is also give positive result. So each and every person should perform Graha Shanti Puja according to his/her horoscope. Everybody will get positive effect from this puja.


Shamshan or cremation ground is always full with supernatural energy. According to Tantra Shastra this field will give you knowledge about the ultimate truth. This material world is not permanent. Everything will be destroyed and our body will turn into ashes within few moments. So let us live happy and make everybody happy. Some people use cremation ground for black magic only but this is deformed use of Tantra. Agama shastra or tantra is narrated by lord Sadashiva for the benefit of the people of kaliyuga. So this is very much unethical to use Tantra for negative things. Shamshan or cremation ground is the field of Bhagavati Dakshinkali and Bhagavati Tara. Dakshinkali is always present in cremation ground with her attendants like joginis and bhairavas. Puja of Dakshinkalika in cremation ground will please her immediately. Bhagavati Tara is also present on “Chita”. She is “Jwalachita Madhyagata”. So her puja and Havana in cremation ground will give you her blassings immediately. Tarapeeth shamshan is very much famous for puja of Bhagavati Tara who is always there.


Placement of planet Mars in 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th in your horoscope generate Mangalik Yoga. This yoga is not always malefic. These placements of Mars sometimes give positive effect in many field of life like career and energy to work hard. But this yoga may have bad effect in your married life. So this is called as Mangalik Dosha. Some bad placement of Mars may cause death of partner or separation also. So we need the nivarana or shanti puja. When a girl or boy is Mangalik then the negative effect of this dosha can be cancelled by performing a marriage ritual called Kumbh Vivah. Generally a boy is made to marry a banana tree and a girl to marry a waterful pot or kalash or sometime a peepal tree. Along with this marriage ritual special puja and Havana is performed for mangal or Mars to please the planet. This process can definitely nullify the Dosha.


Lord Rudra is the supreme creator according to veda. He became Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha according to need of creation, sustenance and annihilation. He is represented as lingam of light or Jyotirlingam. Abhisheka of lord Rudra as lingam form with Vedamantra will please the supreme god. Old astrological scripts like Vrihatparasharihora and Vrigusamhita tells about Rudraabhisheka for any type of bad planetary combination in a horoscope. Any “paap dosha” of a horoscope could be cleared by this process. Yajuveda has several verses collectively call as “Rudra”. These verses are dedicated to lord Rudra. Puja, Havana and abhisheka with Rudri will give you relief from your problem. Abhisheka has different vidhis. According to your need Abhisheka could be done with water, milk, honey, ghee, sugarcane juice etc. each item has its particular effect. Rudrabhisheka done by us will be performed by knowledgable Pandits and Tantrik Sadhakas. By this puja and anusthan you will get the effect described by our stastra and also a part of the spiritual power of Tantrik Sadhakas who are always engaged in sadhana.


Apart from horoscope your vastu or living place has strong effect on your life. Sometimes though we have good planetary combination in our horoscope then also due to problems in vastu we face problems. Alteration of items in living place according to a vastu specialist can generate some positive result but vastu puja and Havana can generate highest benefit. Vastu of living place and vastu of puja place or temple is different. Ekashitipaad or 81 boxes vastu and chatushasthi paad or 64 boxes vastu puja is recommended for living place and temple. Vastu purusha and eight Dikpala deities like Indra, Varuna, Yama, Yagni, Kubera are always present in every vastu. Their puja and Havana with proper procedure will nullify the nagetive effect of vastu. Puja done by Vaidic and Tantrik priests will produce intense positive vibration.


Shiva lingam is worshipped by every sect of sanatan dhrama. Each house and temple has at least one lingam. Bhagvan Sadashiva with mata Parvati is always present in lingam. Ganga ji is very dear to bhagvan Shiva. The lingam made of ganga clay is very sacred. The parthiva Shiva lingam will be made by Ganga Clay only. Parthiva Shiva lingam is prepared by a sadhaka with high knowledge of sashtra. Clay lingam is prepared with specific name of the native. Then puja of clay lingam with abhishekam with milk, card, ghee, honey and sugar will be performed. Chanting of Rudri will be there by pundits. Havana and required recitation or Jaap of Shiva mantra will also be performed. God will be pleased with this puja immediately.


Who is mangalik ?

When a person have Mongol or Mars placed In first fourth seventh eighth or 12th house in his horoscope then he’s mangalik.

What is parthiva shivling ?

When shivling  is made of  Ganges   clay and worshipped  in fresh wet condition

What is rudrabhishek ?

 When Lord Shiva is worshipped and bathed with  Mantra from Shukla yajurveda.

Who are 10 mahavidyas ?

According to Munda Mala tantra Kali Tara shorashi Bhuvaneshwari bhaiRavi chinnamasta dhumavati bagalamukhi matangi and kamalatmika aur Mahalaxmi.

What is Grah Shanti ?

Sometimes in our horoscope some planets are in very bad position and in very angry condition if it is so then we need to worship these planets in specific manner vitra citation of specific Mantra Havana with specific wood and donation of specific item.

Who is the Tantrika?

A person who has proper Diksha and abhisheka from a reputed Guru who knows Tantra and have proper Guru lineage then this person is a tantrika or a kaul Aacharya.